In 2010 he’s up to 11 albums (7 as Four Tet).
Back in 2003, Kieran Hebden – “a producer who puts the intelligence into Intelligent Dance Music” – gave SOS Magazine a great, long interview. At the time he ‘only’ had 3 albums out; no doubt his gear’s better now … but there’s much to be learned from his low-cost (and internationally successful) approach.

Kieran Hebden is the living proof that you don’t need esoteric equipment to make quality music. The music room in his north London flat contains just one piece of specialist recording gear, and that’s a DAT recorder. His tracks are put together using only an unremarkable hi-fi and a Windows PC with a Creative Labs Soundblaster Live soundcard….

“To get the sound I want and do what I want to do, it’s all about using the computer as the instrument, and the most interesting stuff I’ve done has been all about that kind of idea. Loads of people think there’s lots of live playing on my music, but there’s nothing at all. It’s all from the computer. I think one of the nice things about that is that you listen closely and it conjures up the image of a musician, but you realise that everything’s humanly impossible….”

Whatever he does next, though, ideas will always be more important to him than gear. “My whole thing is that I don’t use a lot of equipment, I just keep it really simple. Good music’s about ideas, really, and I don’t want to get trapped in the whole thing of constantly worrying about my new software, and learning how to use it all the time. I feel I’ve mastered the equipment I’ve got, and I’m at the point now where I don’t have to think about the equipment any more. I can concentrate on making the music.”