2013 April 22. Happy Earth Day.
If you’ve ever been interested in getting your feet wet in Linux, I’d recommend trying a Linux Mint dual-boot install (stable, very popular, several highly-customizeable desktop flavors from fast LXDE and XFCE to fatter KDE and Cinnamon. And look at this list of Ubuntu studio software tips. (Note: there’s also a distro called Ubuntu Studio … can’t speak for that! but the newest Ubuntu 13.04 release will be available soon.) Note that 12.04 releases will be long-term supported until 2017.

2013 Mar 12 – CDM reviews the new Ardour 3.0 DAW which includes full MIDI support. Ahh.
* How to run an Arduino clone on a battery for weeks/months.

2013 Mar 10 – A couple of over-the-transom links:
* Texts you should read before you ever contact a journalist. A lot of useful, diverse advice.
* Contiki: The Open Source OS for the Internet of Things . via Slashdot: Contiki Turns 10

2013 Feb 26 – Digital audio signals and how they really behave from xiph.org (24m) is a really instructive video with demos made with actual pro-grade gear instead of graphs!
(That’s the 2nd video, here’s the first, Digital Media Primer for Geeks.)

2013 Feb 22 – MIDI.js sequencing in Javascript includes five working HTML5 examples in your browser.
Two quick reminders for newcomers: 1) “MIDI notes” don’t “sound crappy” because MIDI doesn’t make any sounds, it only tells a synth (or software) what notes to play (and how to play them). Don’t blame the hammer if the birdhouse is crooked. 2) Don’t expect great timing in a browser … not yet, if ever.

2013 Feb 17 – MIDI visualizer (software, Github) for browsers with WebGL. Or try MIDITrail (JP software). Or you might be interested in Synthesia to learn to play keyboard. Or how about Dynamically generating MIDI in JavaScript. Or just sit back and read Jeff Rona’s tale of what it was like to work for Roland while MIDI was taking off.

2013 Feb 15 – For Pd patchers, CDM has a couple of new, free ways to run patches on iOs, Android : MobMuPlat and PdDroidParty. Pd Floss manual.