2013 Nov. 27 Vice magazine offers an article about ‘Algorave’ – it includes a 70-minute video. ‘Live coding’ is hitting some clubs … at least, the ones where “glasses, walking boots, and backpacks form the universal dress code.” ;-) Overtone is one example of the code being used; Extempore is another.

2013 Nov. 25 Here’s a one-hour BBC show about Delia Derbyshire Sculptress of Sound (Doctor Who theme). (First aired on Mar. 27, 2010. More details here.
More? See 2003 documentary The Alchemists of Sound.

2013 Nov. 6 The Math Trick Behind MP3s, JPEGs, and Homer Simpson’s Face … Fourier transforms explained in plain words.

An MP3 splits a song into short segments. For each audio segment, Fourier’s trick reduces the audio wave down to its ingredient notes, which are then stored in place of the original wave.

Update: Interactive guide to the Fourier Transform. Fourier toy. Mathematica: Sound and Sonification.

2013 Oct. 19 Seaboard. Seaboard noob. Seaboard player. Any questions?

2013 Oct. 19 François Chambard has created a NYC art-show and 6-performance series of 12 colorful Playable Theremins (modified Moog Etherwaves) called Odd Harmonics. The exhibit displays through Nov. 16 at the Judith Charles Gallery. ( It’ll sure be great if this gets enough attention to travel around! )

2013 Oct. 19 • Added Future Music and Music Radar sites to the Blogroll. • Note that the 2nd International Csound Conference takes place at Berklee in Boston October 25-27, 2013. If you haven’t heard, Csound has long been THE heavyweight in free audio synthesis software. Now much more accessible, the software is available for all major OS’s.

2013 Oct. 5 Intel has announced a 4″x3″ (10cm x 7cm) ~Arduino-compatible “minicomputer” it calls Galileo. Price is rumored to be in the ~$60 range. Besides the 400MHz ‘Quark’ CPU and an RS-232 UART, its memory options include Flash, 512KB SRAM, 256MB DRAM, 11KB EEPROM. No video, No SATA, lots of shortfalls. Good luck. Slashdot coverage.

2013 Sep. 29 A Science Friday segment (17min) reviews the life of electronic experimenter, guitarist Les Paul.

2013 Sep. 28 Let CDM introduce you to Monome’s new $1400 single-DSP Aleph embedded … sound computer? Out of the box it’s a looper, monosynth, drum synth. If you can write the C software, it’ll run it … and there’s a Buchla involved.
Update: Oct. 24: interview with Aleph developers

2013 Sep. 27 Fader magazine has published a long interview with Trent Reznor. NIN is beginning its first tour in 4 years; its latest album Hesitation Marks was released Aug. 30.

2013 Sep. 25 BBC Radio 3 has put up a half hour documentary about Louis and Bebe Barron and the genesis of their electronic soundtrack for 1956 film Forbidden Planet.

2013 Sep. 11 Speaking of Moog, the company has put up an interesting 8min video on the history of the theremin. (Moog got his start selling theremins.) Theremin was doing a chemistry experiment when he got the idea. The video’s by composer Albert Glinsky who recently wrote the book on Leon, and is working on a Moog bio.

2013 Sep. 10 CDM reminisces over the news of the end of Moog’s Little Phatty. Includes some fun videos from ExperimentalSynth.com.

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