Music from very short programs – the 3rd iteration demos 7 minutes of, erm, organized 8-bit sounds generated by very short computer programs. Visit here to see what you can do; visit Viznut’s website to find out what he’s thinking.

The recent evolution of easy-to-get-at HTML5 audio generation controlled by Javascript will probably cause this kind of experimenting to take off. Not only is it fun (as it was since at least the C64 days, when it was more boffin-ey) but can lead to sophisticated and sometimes amazing stuff.(*Hmmm. How can I do that with my synth?*) Like the amazing textures the Absynth program (one of my all-time favorites) and Reason can do. Generative sound can take us right out of composer’s block and suggest directions. Getting from that to music is, as always, in the ear of the beholder.